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RupeeVest makes investing in mutual funds simple and hassle-free with its latest tool – RupeeVest Investment Solutions. RupeeVest Investment Solutions offer tailor made portfolios of mutual funds to help you achieve various investment goals, which can be further customized to suit your specific requirements. Investors without much knowledge about various financial products can also use it with ease.

Let us take you through the tool in detail.


On a broader level, the portfolios have been divided into 2 categories:

1. Asset Allocation based Portfolios:

Asset allocation is one of the key ingredients of a successful investment strategy. It simply means how to spread your money across stocks and bonds which are the mainstream asset classes.

How much to allocate to equity or debt has been a subjective area for long and varies from person to person. So, we developed this tool to ensure that you receive the information and insights needed to find the best asset allocation for your particular situation. We have outlined the key historical statistics of various combinations of equity and debt market performance of India, so you can select a portfolio which represents your return expectations and risk tolerance.


2. Goal based Portfolios:

Goal based portfolios help you to invest professionally based on your individual preferences or specific goals instead of having to do your own research to build your portfolio from scratch.

It helps you invest into the right portfolio of mutual funds, without the complexity and noise. You can choose from a variety of goals like wealth creation, tax saving investing, child’s education, etc. based on your needs.
All the funds selected for our tailor-made portfolios are top rated or best performing funds in their respective categories.


Once you choose any portfolio from the above, you can see the mutual funds selected in that portfolio and its performance over various time periods. You can also see the relevant fund details and the combined portfolio of all the funds.


Any chosen portfolio can be further customized by clicking on the customize button at the top from where an investor can change the selected mutual funds or weights allocated to them. This feature enables an investor to modify our model portfolios to suit their preferences.

Once a portfolio is finalized, you can invest in all the selected funds with the click of a button. On the other hand, you can also label your portfolio and save it on your dashboard for future investments and tracking.

Thus, the key benefits of RupeeVest Investment Solutions for the investors are:

  • Tailor-made portfolios according to investors’ risk and return profile
  • Option to customize further
  • Easy to use for both new and seasoned investors

Let’s get started!

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