Here is How You Can Start Thinking About a Second Income

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Do you know that there are completely safe ways to generate a second income stream with some giving passive returns in the long term? Once the returns start pouring in steadily, you can stop worrying about earning and at last start chasing your passion. It is important to stick to a single source of passive income, understand the various pros and cons, and turn a pro in your own right.

Look into your resources, interests and skills to find a source. Ideally, it should be foolproof, adds to your income, and ultimately generates better results than your expectations.

Here are some possible second income generation streams.

Well-planned Investments

Investments refer to the small amounts placed aside as savings for future consumption. Regular saving accounts don’t let your money grow much. So, equity investment is always a better option. People who can invest in real estate will see their investment growing. Rental properties are a proven way to generate passive income and often families are known to survive on it. There is another additional reason that makes realty investment lucrative. It gets you tax exemptions under IT Act 1961 under which you can avail up to INR 150,000 Lakhs deduction on taxable salary, provided the property is self-occupied. In case of rental properties, no such upper ceilings exist.

Online Income

The Web today has created a fantastic opportunity for individuals who want to work on additional income. Having your own website is a good way to create a passive source; though it takes sometimes for the returns to start pouring in. Blogging too is a proven way to generate a second income stream. For getting optimal results, you need to explore the fields that interest you, then stick to it, and see it grow.

Commercial Assets

Purchasing commercial assets as a vehicle like a car or a bus is a good beginning when you want to generate passive income source. You can lease them to public and private organization, and collect revenues at the end of every month, week, or day, as you desire.

Monetize your Skills

Nowadays, there are classes for everything, right from cooking to dancing, paintings, photography, tae kwon do, and everything else under the sun for that matter. So, is there something that you can teach others and create a second income stream in the process? This way you will be able to delve in your hobby and interest, and have lots of fun while making money, supplementing your regular income.

Start Selling

Do you have products to sell? Then know that it is the best way to generate an income stream. You can pick up items, which are in demand in the locality where you stay and get an instant market. Nowadays, one can take their business online and expand their reach by catering to customers locally, nationally, or even globally.

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