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Stocks attracting Fund Managers

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People across the investment spectrum are anxious to find out about the stocks which are currently seeing buying pressure from professional money managers. The main reasons being:

  • Institutional buying power can significantly drive stock prices up
  • Institutional buying can often run into months and thus, is a great advantage to people who identify it early
  • People follow astute fund managers and hence, more money flows into the stock moving it higher

However, this information is not easily available in the public domain and even if the information is available, there is usually a time lag which makes it less useful.

To serve investors better, we at RupeeVest are showing a list of all the stocks which have witnessed net mutual fund buying over the last month. Along with the number of stocks which have seen net inflow, one can also see the approximate buy value for the month.

Here, is a snapshot of the same.


Alternatively, investors can search for specific stocks which they are interested in and see its mutual fund holding trend over the last 4 months. Along with the holding trend, an investor can also see the list of funds and fund managers who have invested in the stock.

Here, is a snapshot of the same.


The above tool serves a dual-purpose for investors:

    • Stock investors can quickly identify the stocks seeing buying pressure from mutual fund money managers.
    • Mutual Fund investors who have a preference for certain type of stocks can select the funds which have bought such stocks over the previous 4 months or are already invested in them.

You can access the tool from the links below:

Stocks attracting Fund Managers

Stocks held by Mutual Funds

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